Project partners

Georgian Wine Guild cooperates with quality-oriented small wineries, wine industrial productions, international and local organizations.

Cooperation with partners provides intellectual, physical and material support.

Our partners take an active part in the educational, consulting and other development-oriented activities of the Georgian Wine Guild.

Chateau Zegaani

Chateau Zegaani is one of the oldest wineries with a history of 200 years and was founded in 1820 by the Chavchavadze family. The cellar is equipped with unique equipment.

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Kakhetian Wines

Kakhetian Wine Cellar - production, where the whole process of making wine, vintage, grape selection - processing, fermentation, bottling is carried out in one space.

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Georgian National Academy of Sciences

Georgian National Academy of Sciences is a union of people with great achievements and successes of international importance and high scientific authority, heirs and successors of traditions.

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Wine Tasting Shop "Reserve"

Wine shop Reserve presents the top selection of famous Georgian wineries and wines from different countries of the world. Its uniqueness is due to special high-tech equipment.

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Wine Laboratory Ltd

The main activity of "Wine Laboratory" Ltd. is to determine the quality of vine varieties and wines produced from them, to compile databases, and developement of technological processes.

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Winery "Agidela" is located in the village of Berbuki, Gori district. Winery produces special wines of Kartli. Goruli Mtsvane, Chinuri and Tavkveri are the distinctive, memorable and definitely the wines of the cellar that must be tasted!

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Qvevri Wine Cellar - Ivane Nareklishvili

The company "Qvevri Wine Cellar" since 2015, is based on 350 years of traditions of ancestral qvevri wine production. The restoration of the ancestral tradition is based on many years of experience in the production of qvevri wine, considering the ancestral traditions. The mission of " Qvevri Wine Cellar" is to supply high qiality qvevry wine, produced from the anciet vine varieties and prepared in a traditional way.

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The company "Batono" creates the best quality products today and offers Georgian wine to many countries around the world. The company has cultivated its own vineyards on an area of 50 hectares, in the western part of the famous Manavi viticulture zone. The cellar is equipped with modern machines. Stainless steel tanks, oak barrels and boots are designed to store wine.

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