Privacy Policy

1. General provisions

1.1. Company "Georgian Wine Guild" Ltd., identification number 405297423, legal address: Georgia, st. Tbilisi, I. Gamkrelidze, Street # 6, hereinafter referred to as the "Company", is the personal data manager, the executor of the Law of Georgia on Personal Data Protection (document № 5669, received on 28/12/2012.)
1.2. The Privacy Policy governs the use of the Service, as well as the processing and use of personal data transmitted to the Company in the process of viewing its Internet resource.
1.3. This policy applies to the processing of all types of personal data submitted by employees, visitors and customers, hereinafter referred to as "Personal Data Subjects", on the home pages, e-mails, digital attachments, surveys, contracts, and other sources.
1.4. The company guarantees transparent and honest processing of personal data of customers and users.

2. Processing and use of personal data

2.1. When processing personal data, the Company adheres to regulations regardless of the country of access to the resource.
It is considered that you are informed about the processing of personal data in Georgia in accordance with the current legislation.
2.3. The company informs you that by indicating your e-mail address, you agree that it is included in the database and on the site you may receive a message or reminder about the beginning and ending orders of the service.

2.4. By using the site, the visitor agrees that Georgian Wine Guild Ltd, the company's trustees and partners, have the right to collect and store data, which allows the following to be tracked and selected:
2.4.1. Internet - the total number of site visitors;
2.4.2. Internet - the number of visitors to all separate sections of the site;
2.4.3. The domain name of the ISPs that services the visitors;

2.4.4. IP Address;
Payment information when the customer makes a non-cash payment (payment card number and validity period);
2.4.6. Payment history and methods for financial and accounting reporting to government agencies;
2.4.7. Other data for site optimization and management.

2.5. The data collected and processed for the purposes of information analysis and statistics on the site may be transferred by the company to a third party, in which case confidential buyer identification data will not be disclosed or transferred except for orders where the type of payment or transaction form requires a tripartite relationship.
The company does not connect user identification data and IP and email addresses. This means that each user session is registered, although the site user remains anonymous.
2.7. All materials entered or sent on the site forms are the property of the company, which can be used for personal needs, except for information about individuals.

3. Objectives and basics of data processing

3.1. The company processes personal data for the following purposes:
Receiving and processing orders for the study and training of vocational training programs;
3.1.2. Preparation, conclusion and submission of services and remote agreements, reports and other official documents;
3.1.3. Sending useful information and special offers;

3.1.4. Ensuring effective management of company resources;
3.1.5. Market statistics and analytics;
3.1.6. Recruitment and management of staff;
3.2. The company processes personal data on the following basis:
3.2.1. Use of company resources and electronic services;
3.2.2. The consent of the personal data subject;
3.2.3. Concluding remote agreements;
3.2.4. Legal obligations established in normative acts;
3.2.5. Protecting the interests of personal data subjects;
3.2.6. Procurement analysis and statistics for individual offers.
3.2.7. Processing orders and payment by cashless payment method.

4. Terms of personal data storage

4.1. The Company stores personal data in accordance with the above-mentioned processing purposes (Article 3 of this Privacy Policy) and the requirements of the normative acts of Georgia:
4.1.1. Throughout the period when the company is performing its duties and operating activities;
4.1.2. There is a legal obligation to store and protect personal data;
4.1.3. The agreement of the subject of personal data is valid.

5. Cookie files

5.1. Cookie files - These are text files placed in the Internet browser of the Internet resource user for the purpose of improving the display of information and the regular operation of the resource.
5.2. Saved cookies allow your computer to be detected and prevented from re-entering data when the company returns to the Internet's resource.
5.3. The company uses cookies for the following purposes:

5.3.1. Manage login sessions and user authentication;
5.3.2. Ensuring the functionality of the Internet resource;

5.3.3. Obtaining statistics on the entry and operation of Internet resource users;
5.3.4. To improve the efficiency of the Internet resource.
5.4. The company does not use cookies to track users' habits, so it informs about the use of cookies when accessing the Internet resource.
5.5. The company does not connect user identification data and IP and email addresses.
5.6. Resource users can delete cookie files at their own discretion.
5.7. You can delete cookie files stored on your computer, in which case some features and services of the homepage may not work.

6. Personal data security

6.1. The company takes care of the protection of personal data and protects the privacy of its users, regulations and other data on the processing of personal data in accordance with the provisions of applicable normative acts.
6.2. The Company applies all necessary organizational, administrative, technical, physical and other security measures to ensure the security of personal data.
6.3. The processing of personal data in the company is carried out to ensure the necessary security of personal data and privacy, including protection of personal data from unauthorized and illegal processing, as well as accidental loss, spoilage or destruction.
6.4. As soon as the violation of the rules of personal data protection becomes known, the company is obliged to immediately inform the supervisory authorities about the incident.


7. The right to refuse the processing of personal data

7.1. In order to receive information about personal data processed by the company, it is necessary to send an application in writing to the company's office at a legal address in Georgia, submitting an identity document.
7.2. The subject of personal data may request the deletion of personal data, restriction of their processing, taking a position against their processing, making their correction, for this it is necessary to send a request by e-mail:
7.3. The company communicates with the subject of personal data, using the contact information provided by the latter (phone number, e-mail address, address).
7.4. If you suspect a violation of your right to personal data protection, you can file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Supervisor.

8. Changes to the Privacy Policy

8.1. The Company reserves the right to make changes to this document at any time without the consent of the Customer.
8.2. The new privacy policy will be effective from the moment of posting on its website -https: //, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Privacy Policy.

9. Commitments of the parties

9.1  The administration of the site provides services:

After payment by the user, on the dates specified on the website.
9.2 The site administration is obliged to return the money to the user in case of non-fulfillment of the obligation imposed on them. Refunds are made within 15 working days by non-cash payment;
9.3  Except in the case provided for in paragraph 9.2, in all other cases the amount shall not be refunded.

10. Dispute resolution

10.1. Any claims, claims and / or disputes against the Company between the Site User and the Site Administration may be settled orally or in writing. The claimant is obliged to fully or partially satisfy the submitted claim within 15 (fifteen) calendar days from the receipt of the claim, or to notify the other party in writing of the refusal to satisfy it. And if the dispute can not be resolved either orally or in writing, only in this case can the parties file a further appeal to the common courts of Georgia in accordance with the current legislation of Georgia.

11. The current privacy policy will be posted on the website

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